Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia – Ultimate Honeymoon Place

The stunning Cappadocia


Now a World Heritage site, Cappadocia’s rich and diverse cultural and political history is enough to attract anyone to the region ā€” but what brings tourists to Cappadocia these days is the chance to see it from a hot air balloon.

They have few famous brands of Hot Air Balloons. For instance:

  1. Universal Balloons
  2. Anatolia Balloons
  3. Discovery Balloons
Hot air balloons, via Google

The good news is, the prices of the balloons include breakfast!

They will wake you up as early as 4am for this tour. They will pick you up from hotel to hotel and stopped you at one restaurant so that you could have a buffet breakfast, and don’t worry, keep on eating because all the meals included in the package.

Hot air balloons in the early morning via Google

Around 6am you will arrive at the starting point where at this time you could see the fascinating views as they started to lit all their balloons. One of the precious moment that you could not forget for the rest of your life. I can assure you.

Embrace The Moments..

Once on the balloons, take your time to embrace the surroundings, take as many pictures and videos to be featured on your Instagram with the hashtag #cappadocia #doneHotAirBalloons #istanbul.

TAMVISUT/Getty Images via Pinterest

The tour will end around 830am and after that, they will celebrate it with wine or pomegranate juice for Muslim travellers. They even give you a cert for completing the tour lol.

EyeEm/Getty Images via Pinterest

Note: Normally, the price already includes all the entry fees, transportation, lunch and guide. The tour will end around 3.3opm and you could continue with another free tour at 4.30pm to watch the sunset. Yeah, catch the warm light.

Sunset Tour in Cappadocia

Note: Images credited to Google and Pinterest

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